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Caroline Gibson Prints


I am a local artist—and a bumpkin at heart. Happiest sitting in a Barley field watching the clouds go by. 


I grew up in Chadlington, in The Cotswolds, after moving from Liverpool in the early 80's, and fell in love with it immediately. I'm passionate about the countryside and try to bring that to my artwork. 


Other Influences


My childhood was a mixture of playing around the village, running around the fields and, in direct contrast, the bright lights and glamour of theatres…


My dad worked for a national theatre company so I also spent a great deal of time in theatres, seeing all the shows and rehearsals, being backstage (and on stage), dazzled by the bright creative lighting, stunning scenery and fabulously over-the-top costumes. It really ignited a passion for the creativity, drama, art and fun of showbiz that remains with me to this day.


After Art A' Level, I won a place at Berkshire College of Art and Design. Then recognised as the top Photography course in the UK, it covered all aspects of photography including art history, design and film, designing adverts and magazine/book covers, weekly crits, semiology (the study of signs and symbols used in art), studying images by Sebastiao Selgado, Brassia, Annie Leibovitz et al, and analysing the composition and genius of Hitchcock films frame by frame. It was a two-year course that I still draw inspiration from thirty years later! 


Many more collections to come...


My collection of monochrome lino prints is also available on Instagram, Facebook and at Gleide Home Decor in Woodstock. 


I'm currently working on my new collection, so please follow me on Instagram for updates!



  • Gleide Home Decor, Woodstock


  • The Woodstock Bookshop, Woodstock


  • The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock


  • The Crafters Emporium,

The High, Oxford

Instagram: @OxonCraftersEmporium​​

  • Etsy

  • Blenheim Palace, WoodstockYou can see my work displayed in the palace until January 2024.



Member of The Printmakers Council

Oxfordshire Artweeks


‘Artists in Woodstock’

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